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Lower Waiting Time

Everyone hates waiting. That's why the nearest vehicle will pick you up for your ryde, in minutes.

Low Cost Rides

We offer enhanced service and unbeatable rates to both ryders and drivers! Our prices are the best you will find.

Fully Electric Option

Ryde is the only mobility provider to manage a fleet of LEVC fully electric London Cab vehicles that offer advantages like no other.

Earn more money driving.

A Different Ryde

We built our business around state-of-the-art technology that has huge value and impressive capability. The value of high-tech without great humans is exactly zero. Our combination of technology & humans is what makes us win and allows us to offer this service at the highest efficiency. Passengers will find an easy, seamless booking process that will encourage them to use Ryde over any other form of transport!

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Our drivers are the soul of our business. Only they can make our vision of offering an unbeatable service true. Interested in driving?


Do you own a fleet of vehicles? Add your fleet to Ryde now. Manage and control all your vehicles, drivers and documents from one portal.


Businesses have enough complexity on their own. We want to make sure that mobility and commuting is not one of them.

What makes Ryde different?

The Ryde app showcases a lot of cool, unmissable features

Low-Cost Rides

We offer unbeatable rates to both ryders and drivers. You won't find any prices better than ours.


Our drivers are screened before onboarded to ensure a safe and secure ryde to our ryders.

Lost Item Function

Forgot your bag or an item inside the Ryde vehicle? Don't worry, the Lost Item function will make sure it's found and returned.

Guaranteed Service

Our large fleet of vehicles and drivers ensures that your ryde booking is guaranteed.


Ryde rewards loyalty. The more you ryde, the more you'll get rewarded. Applies to both drivers and ryders.

Favourite Addresses

Add your Work, Home & most-used addresses in the Ryde app for a simpler booking process.

Ready to Ryde? Download the Ryde App now.